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Wedding Bloopers Checklist

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So everything for your special day has been thought of; the ceremony, reception, decorations, flowers, rings, music, food, etc.

It was a lot of work and you are confident that everything is taken care of. But what about those little mishaps that you were not expecting? Your favorite little niece is so happy to see you, she runs right into you when you’re about to put that fried calamari in tomato sauce in your mouth. Need I say more? You certainly can not walk around with sauce on your wedding gown, especially with what you paid for it. Well, you can just go into your little emergency kit and get your spot remover out. What about when you step on your train and rip it? Did you think about bringing a little quick sewing kit or safety pins?

Well, leave the thinking to us. Here is a checklist of supplies to bring for your wedding day catastrophes. You can put it in a pretty bag and leave it with that special guest to bring for you to the reception.

Click here to print out the Bloopers Checklist




  Extra pair of Stockings
  Clear Nail Polish for Runs in Stockings
  Spot Remover
  Needle, Thread, Safety Pins, Buttons, Small Scissor
  Hem Tape or Masking Tape
  Make up to touch up, Blemish Cream
  Q-tips to wipe makeup under eyes
  Pocketbook size perfume
  Nail File, Nail Glue for breaks
  Brush or Comb, Bobby pins, Hairspray
  Dental Floss, Mouthwash, Toothpicks
  Mints – A Bride shouldn’t chew gum, it doesn’t look nice
  Aspirin, Ibuprophen, or whatever headache medicine you are use to taking
  Cough Drops, Cold Medicine if needed
  Golf Umbrella to cover your Entire Dress in case it rains
  A Pretty Satin Bag for your Guests’ “Gifts” for a Greenback wedding or Big Shopping Bags for the other “Gifts” to take home

Click here to print out the Bloopers Checklist 

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